The Self-Love Movement™

Daylle’s agent was about to sell her new book, entitled How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways, when Daylle got a spiritual imperative to help others by giving this book away for free. She wanted to give thanks for her many blessings by sharing more of herself with more people. Many couldn’t understand why she would e-self-publish her book and give it away when writing and books were her livelihood. Yet, Daylle felt called to share this book in this way. So she took the book back from her agent, finished it, and joyously set about creating an initiative to distribute the book to people around the world electronically.

How Do I Love Me? is a full-length e-book that includes hundreds of concrete, practical suggestions for building self-love. Most people didn’t believe Daylle when she told them that she had spent the first two thirds of her life believing she wasn’t worthy of anything good and she had to please everyone to feel acceptable. Daylle eventually came to believe that each kind thing you do for yourself is a brick in the foundation of building self-love, and that foundation helped her reinvent herself into the successful woman she became and remained through the end of her life.

In order to promote the book’s availability and distribute the book, Daylle created and founded The Self-Love Movement™ (SLM). The SLM was an initiative to bring awareness around the benefits of people focusing more on loving and appreciating themselves through concrete tools that help ignite self-love.

Her tactics included creating a website to distribute the book, establishing a list of prestigious Self-Love Ambassadors to help spread the word, producing and filming a music video entitled Self-Love Is THE REASON that was posted on YouTube , and registering January as Self-Love Month with both the National Special Events Registry and Chase’s Directory of Events. Then Daylle executed a media campaign and alerted her many worldwide contacts and fans about the Self-Love Movement and availability of the book. To date, more than 12,500 copies have been downloaded by people from all over the world, with more than 4,300 people pledging to commit to themselves through self-love acts detailed in Daylle’s book.

Self-Love Ambassadors

The Self-Love Movement™ brought together many people dedicated to building and nourishing strong self-love in themselves and others. More than 100 “Self-Love Ambassadors” joined the Movement and news of the initiative quickly started spreading around the world. Some of those Ambassadors follow:

Lisa McCourt (FL)
Gail Blanke (NYC)
Terrie Williams (NYC
Patrice Tanaka (NYC)
Maria Ungaro (NYC)
Rory Kelly Connor (NYC/Phila)
Margaret Lynch (MA)
John Tsilimparis (LA)
Friedemann Schaub MD, PhD (Seattle)
Stephanie Mansour (Chicago)
Suzanna de Baca (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
Sarah A. Samaan (Dallas)
Paul Scott Adamo(NY)
Milena Kozhin (NYC)
Brittany Hennessy (NYC)
Stacy Geisinger (Bedford, NY)
Victoria Lynn Weston
Freddie Ong (Singapore)
Dr. Noel Goldberg (VA, DC)
Michelle Marie McGrath (Australia)
Michelle Minero (CA)
Michele Antiga (London)
Grace Gallo, (NYC, Italy, Hong Kong)
Doga Kayalar-Polat (NY)
JD Messinger (TX)
Brenna Smith
Harold W. Becker (FL)
Carl Studna (CO)
Ann Quasman (Baltimore)
Tina B Tessina (CA)
Mirna Bard (CA)
Deirdre Wyeth (NYC)
Caroline Douglas (UK)
Susan Newman (NYC)
Trine Jensen (CA)
Jill Benard (NYC/Detroit)
Linda Van Kessler (CA)
Lauren Ruotolo (NYC)
Bruce T. Dugan (NYC, CO, India)
Taylor Ryan (SC)
Cathy Hamilton (OH)
Michael Ferreira McDerman (NYC)
DeAnna Radaj (Milwaukee)
Nancie Steinberg (NYC)
Gracey Newman (NYC)
Terry Grahl (MI)
Jonathan Hewitt (TX)
Vidya Sury (India)
Janet Pfeiffer (NJ)
Sheila Viers
David Wimble (Canada)
Lauren Goffredo (NYC)
Mary Ellen Ewalt (MI)
Diana Fletcher
Angela Artemis (NJ)
Farnoosh Brock (NC)
Laura M. Turner (NY)
Ashley Karr (CA)
Sally Wiener Grotta, (PA)
April Dawn Ricchuito (NYC)
Brad Yates (VA)
Laura Scott (FL)
Dr. Joy S. Pedersen (NJ)
Michelle Weimer
Anne-Sophie Reinhardt (Germany)
Chris Sopa (Scottsdale)
Erena DiGonis (NY)
Rebecca Clegg (Atlanta)
Vicki Salemi (NYC)
Debra Ann Matthews (TN)
Caren Schmidt (Phoenix)
Wendy Wright (AZ)
Sherianna Boyle
Joann Stanga (NY)
Julie Coulter (NY)
Dani DiPirro
Corinne Rodrigues (India)
Cassandra James (NJ)
Amber Turner
Chris Alexandria
Anita Jefferson (Alanta)
Carole Amber
Susyn Reeve
Gigi Griffis
Sara Sharpe (Nashville)
Alice McCall (NC)
Jenn London (NYC)
Tirza Barnes-Griffith (NY)
Chernise Spruell (NYC)
Shira Adler (NY)
Cheryl Harvey Hill (Las Vegas)
Emelina Minero (CA)
Brenda Lidwell (PA)
Lillian Eve Moore (TX)
Ellen Penchansky (Miami)
Sandra Dawson MA (NYC)
Ramona Flood (NY)
Paul G (NYC)
Dina L Wilcox (NYC)
Carlos Castañeda (NYC)

Self-Love is THE REASON
music video